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Retaliation at 4Cs Must Stop!

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For thousands of working families, all roads to affordable child care lead through the Community Child Care Council (4Cs) of Santa Clara County.
4Cs claims to have “a passion to help underserved families access early care.” Yet, parents, early child care educators, and workers experienced a different reality from this stated mission.
"When we asked basic questions about our reimbursements, 4Cs has threatened to take away the children under our care."
- Shazia Sarwat, San Jose Child Care Provider

“No parent should have to go through the experience I went through with 4Cs,” said Valentina Renales, a parent that receives subsidies. “Lost payments, inaccurate reporting of my income and family size, unresolved billing issues, and now retaliation for speaking up.”
After parents, child care providers, and workers publicly spoke up about suspected mismanagement of child care programs and taxpayers dollars, 4Cs has come under scrutiny and is undergoing multiple audits including two from the State of California - California Department of Education (CDE) and State Auditor. Too many parents, child care providers, and workers have raised claims of retaliation for speaking up at hearings about its suspected mismanagement of child care programs and taxpayers dollars. 4Cs is also wasting taxpayers' money on high-priced lawyers and lobbyists in an effort to stop workers from having a voice at work*.

(*) 4Cs and SEIU Local 521 are engaged in a labor dispute since October 2015.